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Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Wondering if you should refinance your current mortgage at a lower interest rate?

Use this FREE Mortgage Refinancing Calculator to find out.   This calculator displays monthly payment and net interest savings plus it calculates the number of months it will take to break even on your closing costs.

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Note: Do not use commas

Enter the principal balance of your mortgage (no comma): (call your lender for the current payoff amount)

Enter your current monthly mortgage payment (no comma):

Enter your mortgage's current interest rate:

Enter new interest rate (refinanced rate):

Enter the number of years you will be refinancing for (e.g. 15, 30):

Enter the closing costs that will be required for refinancing (no comma): (may need to call your lender or estimate the amount)


Monthly payment if you refinance:

Monthly savings (old payment vs new):

Number of months to break even on closing costs:

Interest you will pay on current monthly payments:

Interest you will pay on refinanced monthly payments:

Money (interest charges) saved if you refinance:

Net Refinancing Savings (interest savings less closing costs):