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Stopping Bank Foreclosure - 3 Powerful Options

Powerful options to stop bank foreclosure and save your home!

Banks and creditors must follow a strict set of procedures when foreclosing on property. Many people are surprised to learn that the bank or creditor must work through the foreclosure process before they can take your home! Several months may pass, before you are in real danger of losing your home and you can use this time to save your home!

If you're mortgage loan payments are behind, these options can help stop the bank or creditor from foreclosing on your home or property. They are listed from the least to most drastic help.

  1. Debt Consolidation, Debt Negotiation and Debt Settlement
  2. Workout Recommendations and Plans
  3. Bankruptcy

Up OPTION 1: Debt Consolidation, Debt Negotiation and Debt Settlement programs.

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Up OPTION 2: Workout Recommendations and Plans
See these Foreclosure Workout Recommendations

Up OPTION 3: Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy may be your only option if the bank is close to completing foreclosure process! Filing bankruptcy results in an "automatic stay" that stops foreclosure, garnishments, lawsuits, and all collection activity the moment a bankruptcy petition is filed.


It should only be used as a last resort! Our FREE bankruptcy site provides in-depth explanations of chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13 with FAQ and access to on-line bankruptcy forms. Find out if bankruptcy is right for you - Free Online Bankruptcy Evaluation

Whatever option you choose my goal is to provide the right information in a straight-forward manner in order to help you save your home and stop bank foreclosure.