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How to Stop Bank Foreclosures

This It's not too late to save your home; even if you've received a bank, VA or HUD foreclosure notice, stopping the bank from taking your home is still possible!

I recommend starting with our stopping bank foreclosure FAQ and then use this free site to learn how bank foreclosures work and about your State's foreclosure protection rules and time limits. Once you're familiar with the process you can begin SAVING your house by selecting one or more of these foreclosure workout plans or by asking for a free consultation by professional foreclosure specialists.

It seems incredible but you CAN Stop Bank Foreclosures and Save Your Home, but you have to!

You have three options;

  1. Do nothing and risk losing your home;
  2. Hire an attorney qualified to handle bank foreclosures. Need Legal Help? Use the LegalMatch Priority Service to Find Pre-screened Lawyers in Your Area Now!
  3. Use the form below to request a FREE Legal Evaluation from a local bankruptcy attorney to help you decide if bankruptcy is your best option.

If you've already received a foreclosure notice, and are running out of time consider hiring a third party foreclosure specialist right now to save your home! But, before doing so, check them out with the national Better Business Bureau and your local BBB as well. Learn more with this third party caution

CAUTION! Lenders lose thousands of dollars every month to delinquent mortgage accounts and because they need to try and recover as much of that money as possible, many lenders have resorted to using internal an collection department.

When you call about your delinquent mortgage, you're transferred to someone whose job title is "counselor" or "customer care specialist", but this person is actually the lender's in-house collector. They have only one job; get you to pay up. They hear the same old stories so much they no longer care and usually turn a deaf ear. They don't bother to really look at your situation, they just assume you are a deadbeat and treat you that way. Bottom line: they are not going to help you save your home!

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